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Why Do I Need Orthodontics?

Most people choose to consider orthodontic treatment for its ability to give you a beautiful smile. An attractive smile not only boosts confidence, but it also ensures continuing oral health as you move through life. That’s because poorly aligned teeth or jaw structure can lead to more than just visible issues — they can cause long-term problems that result in missing teeth and even poor overall health.

How Orthodontic Treatment Can Give You the Smile You Want

Simply speaking, orthodontic treatment revises your tooth alignment and creates an engaging smile by using appliances made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. Some appliances are removable, while others are cemented onto your natural teeth. Either way, they place a constant, gentle force on your teeth in a carefully controlled direction to slowly reposition them.

Depending on your treatment plan, treatment time can vary anywhere from one to three years, and can include dentofacial orthopedics and, in severe cases, surgical orthodontics.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Today’s modern orthodontic treatments come in a variety of options to provide you with many ways to achieve your smile goals. The three most common include:

Metal Braces — These are the traditional go-to for many patients and practitioners, but they aren’t your parents’ braces. Smaller, more comfortable, and more effective, today’s metal braces have a lower profile and give you the ability to add colored bands for a fashionable touch.

Ceramic Braces — Ceramic braces are made of clear material to be less noticeable on your teeth — a perfect solution for appearance-conscious adults and teens. They require more attention to oral hygiene, however, and have a larger footprint so they are mainly used on upper teeth.

Clear Aligners — These invisible, removable acrylic trays can straighten your teeth like braces with more comfort. Clear aligners are removable to make eating, drinking, and keeping up with your oral hygiene simple and easy.

Orthodontics Are for Everyone — from Children to Adults

Children are the perfect orthodontic patients because their jaws are still developing. That’s why it’s important to get your child in for an orthodontic assessment early — around age 7 — so any problems can be corrected sooner and with less cost.

But adults are also great candidates for orthodontic intervention. Many adults have a better understanding of how oral health affects overall health and they have a vested interest in looking — and feeling — their best. Correcting misaligned teeth can help reduce bone loss due to gum issues, correct problems caused by missing teeth, or complete an orthodontic treatment plan that they may have begun as teens.

We’ve Got a Beautiful Smile in Store for All Ages!

At Reading Orthodontics, we offer the latest treatment techniques and cutting-edge technology to help all our patients — from kids to teens to adults — achieve their best and brightest smiles. We understand that each patient has individual needs, so our treatment plans are always customized to help you achieve your smile goals in the quickest, most cost-effective manner.

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